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    The most important part of your home or building is the roof over your head. It protects you and your possessions, and can enhance the beauty of your property. Too often it is taken for granted that as long as a roof isn't leaking, it must be in good condition. To minimize roof repair bills is to prevent damage before it occurs. 

    This means inspecting your roof twice a year inside and out. Once in the fall, just before the winter weather begins, to check for sun damage and to clear the gutters and valleys of leaves and other debris. Then again in the spring when you'll want to inspecting for damage the winter months may have caused.

    Re-roofing is a major expenditure. You are investing in the protection of your family, your business and your possessions, while restoring the beauty of your home or office. When choosing a contractor of this importance, you want to buy with confidence and make the right decisions. When comparing roofing products, you want to consider the appearance, durability, fire-rating, price and warranty of the products. When you choose Alpha & Omega Roofing you are getting the best contractor with the best products available in Southern California. 

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