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Alpha & Omega office are licensed roofing contractors in the state of California so you are assured of our credibility and professionalism.
License # C39 - 857106


Alpha & Omega Roofing is fully insured so you are assured of our credibility and professionalism. We carry $2,000,000 of liability and $1,000,000 of workman's comp. insurance.



Alpha & Omega Roofing is capable of offering many different labor and material warranties. The length of the warranty is dependent upon the material chosen. 
Alpha & Omega Roofing works in conjunction with the manufacturers to ensure that your roof will be guaranteed for years to come.



Alpha & Omega Roofing is bonded so you are assured of our credibility and professionalism.


Alpha & Omega Roofing is a Certified Applicator

Roofing manufacturers WILL NOT HONOR THEIR WARRANTY unless the material is installed in accordance with their strict specifications for proper installation.

These manufacturers have inspected our jobs and stand behind our work.

Our Crews have been manufacturer trained and certified in proper application.

Upon request, a manufacturer's representative will inspect your job while in progress and certify that you will receive a FULL WARRANTY upon completion.*

Roofing systems that we install can qualify for full value, non-prorated, manufacturer backed warranties covering both material and workmanship for periods of up to twenty years. *

Hiring a trained certified applicator provides you with the extra assurance that you are getting a properly installed top quality roofing system!

Please consult your Alpha & Omega Roofing Associate

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